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Brexit is happening but not this year
Thursday 31st October, 2019
At least is what the European Union has put forward this week, delaying UK of leaving the Union for up to three months. This decision by the Union is final and there will be no further concessions. In the United Kingdome, Boris Johnson has already proposed a general election taking place on the December 12th and we are looking forward see these results.
Furthermore, due to this uncertainty of the British politics GBP/USD seems to be heading up trying to reach May’s value of 1.318. While the tree month “notice “extension was given to Britain, helped the cable to recover, thus the December election along with the support of Boris Johnson also helped the pair to be bullish once again. Adding to that “push” of the cable could be the exit of the Eurosceptic political pantry leader from the most polls Nigel Farage, which is expected to support the conservative party on the commencing elections. Hence, the FED third consecutive interest rates cut on the US Dollar provided additional “aid” to the quote.
Traders will keep an eye on the political headlines concerning the current situation of the UK Parliaments “Drama” and December elections alongside with the US-China trade war for any updates on the matter. Lastly, attention will be paid on this week’s US employment data as the Federal reserve’s lately have repeatedly their optimism regarding the job market in the country.
Friday 16th August, 2019
Another unstable week for the unrefined oil is at its end as financial specialists have seen solid moves in both headings...
Monday 1st July, 2019
On the other hand S&P 500 remain steady showing that equity bulls gold to remain support amid global...
Friday 16th August, 2019
It is time that Banxico decides regarding the Interest rates. Country’s central bank is facing a very difficult situation since Inflation...
Monday 1st July, 2019
Asian Market is benefitting from the feel-good mood in the markets after US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping...
Wednesday 24th July, 2019
As the S&P 500 ended a week of gains to ease off its own record high, Asian stocks continue to decline, As Trump restated his tariff threat...
Monday 10th June, 2019

Timeframe = 1Hour - 时间图表=1小时图

The recent bullish momentum in USDJPY regained traction, testing the weekly tops near 108.71 region, as the bulls draw support from the US-Mexico trade progress-led risk-on rally in Asian equities and a broad-based US dollar recovery.

Monday 10th June, 2019

Timeframe=1D - 时间图表=日图

Highest WTI price for 2019 @ 66.54 on April 23, where lowest found on January 14th @ 50.63.
2019年的美原油现货WTI从 1月2日的最低价44.5上升趋势最终停滞在4月23日的最高点66.54。
Downtrend from the above price until the WTI Touched the 0.618 Fibonacci point where...

Monday 10th June, 2019

The recent US Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) has pushed the Gold to reach the resistance line as above.

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