Trading Contest

First prize 1 $ 20,000.00   First prize 1 $ 50,000.00
Second prize 1 $ 5,000.00   Second prize 1 $ 20,000.00
Third prize 1 $ 2,000.00   Third prize 1 $ 10,000.00
Fourth prize 1 $ 1,000.00   Fourth prize 1 $ 5,000.00
Fifth prize 1 $ 500.00   Fifth prize 1 $ 2,000.00
Excellent participation award 11 $ 100.00   Excellent participation award 3 $ 1,000.00
HorseForex offers entrants a more competitive Forex trading experience, and the winner will receive a trophy from HorseForex while winning a generous bonus.

Entry Process

  • 1. Registration time: November 11, 2019
  • 2. Deadline for registration: December 8, 2019
  • 3. The deadline for the competition is December 10, 2019
  • 4. Participants are required to register their real trading account with HorseForex
  • 5. The new deposit of the gold group entry trading account is ≥$1000; the new deposit of the diamond group entry trading account is ≥$10,000.00
  • 6. Use the account opening email to send an email to to sign up
    [I am a trader real trading contest]
  • 7. The content of the registration email includes: the entry transaction account number, the registration transaction contest group
  • 8. Receive a successful registration email and open a trading contest tour

Competition Rules

Terms and regulations

1. The competition time is November 11th, 2019, 0:00 (GMT+2)~ December 11, 2019, 23:59 (GMT+2)

2. Participants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid and valid account, and a competition nickname.

3. HorseForex employees or relatives cannot participate in trading competitions.

4. The same identity information can only be entered in one trading account. Please note: “Every customer” is not “each account”. If a customer registers for multiple trading accounts, HorseForex reserves the right to cancel all the same accounts.

5. During and after the competition, the rankings are based on the rate of return of the entrant's account. If two or more entrants have the same rate of return, the trader with a larger trading volume wins.

6. The rate of return is calculated as: yield = (end-of-net value - net value at the beginning of the period) / net value at the beginning of the period * 100%, where the initial deposit is the deposit principal of the entrant, and the net value at the end of the period is the net value of the current account (accurate to the second decimal place)

7. The entry account must meet the current minimum deposit standard of US$1,000. During the trading account, the account cannot be transferred internally or the IB commission can be transferred to the account.

8. After the game is over, the bonus will be settled to the entry trading account within 5 working days, and the entrant can be used to withdraw or continue the transaction.

9. The participating account is calculated only for forex trade (except EURTRY;USDCNH;USDHKD;USDMXN;USDNOK;USDPLN;USDTRY;USDZAR), gold and silver, crude oil.

10. This contest is limited to customers in the Asia Pacific region. The base currency of the entry account is US dollars.

11. HorseForex clearly has a leverage of 400 times for foreign exchange, 166 times for precious metals and 100 times for crude oil.

12. Automated trading is not supported (for example, via EA or other trading software).

13. In the current account competition, the application for withdrawal is deemed to be automatically waived.

14. Entry accounts must not be in parallel with other activities.

15. Please note that the real-time ranking of the Golden Group & Diamond Group from the first to the fifth place will be updated on the current page around 12:00 Cypriot time each weekday.

16. If the entrant violates the terms and conditions, HorseForex has the right to cancel the qualification. Please see here for details

17. Participants are required to follow the HorseForex Customer Agreement Rules.

18. "Participants are not allowed to provide false or false information when registering."

19. "HorseForex reserves the right of final interpretation"


Real-time rate of return ranking
Diamond Group
Name MT4 trading account Current net value Current trading volume Margin ratio Margin deposit Current profitability Current ranking
Huang*Lei 588823xx7 161985.21 1967.5 412.66% 50000 223.97% 1
Wang*Qian 588810xx8 28431.08 534.9 908.11% 10000 184.31% 2
Qing*Hao 588810xx4 212138.64 2991 0.00% 80560 163.33% 3
Li*Xiao 588810xx3 145506.87 991.8 1087.39% 60000 142.51% 4
Liu*Rui 588813xx7 66824.71 153 0.00% 29999.87 122.75% 5
Real-time rate of return ranking
Gold Group
Name MT4 trading account Current net value Current trading volume Margin ratio Margin deposit Current profitability Current ranking
Liu*Yang 588811xx4 22230.44 641.61 192.01% 6998.85 217.63% 1
Lin* 588820xx2 4484.95 398 0.00% 1502.1 198.57% 2
Qi*Miao 588810xx9 14760.25 207.5 968.74% 5127.58 187.86% 3
Tian*Xiang 588810xx3 2821.8 8 399.16%% 1000 182.18% 4
Wang*JIa 588832xx9 5346.8 107 986.61% 2000 167.31% 5
The daily statistical settlement time is 23:00 (GMT+2). The leaderboard update time is 11:00 the next day (GMT+2)


Founded in 2010, Horse Group has a global presence and operates a multi-disciplinary company of equestrian clubs, research, finance, etc. Horseforex PTY Limited was founded in 2016 and officially entered the Chinese market in 2017. In 2018, it acquired a well-known forex broker in Mauritius. AUSINVEST, we aim to provide high-quality customer service with ultra-low cost and ultra-low latency to provide customers with a safe and highly transparent financial derivatives market. Horseforex has been recognized by the industry for its high quality service and stable and secure trading platform. As one of the well-known and highly respected foreign exchange dealers in the industry, Horseforex currently covers the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa. And Australia. Dedicated to provide customers with advanced and secure online trading technical support and extremely fast 5 * 24 hours of customer service. It is this philosophy that has earned our company a growing reputation and has won numerous awards. We have established many regional offices around the world to provide thoughtful service to our global customers to meet growing demand.
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